Monday, January 30, 2006

What a waste!!

Having gone through the ordeal of enduring 7 full semester of engineering i realise that of the total of 35 courses that i have attended, only about 2-3 have been fruitful.

By fruitful i mean a lecture that i gained more from than i could gain by sitting in the library for the same duration as that of the lecture.

I figure a teacher to be good, if he makes the lecture fruitful ie. does not waste my time.

Design and Analysis of algos would definitely be one fruitful course.
Hats off to Mr pragmatic. It was a real pleasure and having only 9 students did help.

Looking back from the fag end of my engineering, I rue the wasted time.
What a big waste! What all could i have done in this time. Really!, mountains could have been climbed.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Virus that ate my XP….

Well it has come to a situation for me that I cant possibly do anything without Windows XP. I have numerous USB devices and I simply cannot hunt for their drivers all the time. Migration to Linux completely looks a distant mirage and hence XP is my only solace….
I finally got my hands on an Age of Mythology CD, which I had been longing for, only to find that I had no means to crack it. I had to find both a crack and a key and so did the most natural thing ie. googled for it. Not meeting with success I decided to get it off Limewire (a P2p program like numerous others which connects to the Gnutella network). Being rather confident of my antivirus and backing it to detect any viruses posing as a crack to game, I downloaded a couple of “supposed” cracks. A lot of them were viruses and my AVG latched onto them. My Avg was the latest with all the latest upgrades.

Out of the many, one was undetected by the Avg. The icon looked like a setup file. Upon clicking it, it gave a dialog box saying that some error has happened.

That looked very odd and out of place. Immediately I noticed my comp slowing down a lot. I saw six Question mark signs (“?”) at the right of the date displayed on my desktop. Also there was no “turn off” button any more. The Alt+f4 short cut gave some crap along the lines of “Restrictions: Due to the restriction imposed on this computer the following operation is not permitted, please contact the system administrator” – I was the bloody system admin!. Well I just turned the damn comp off. Now I went to my second OS – Good Ole 98. The virus had infected my 98 as well leaving me Windowless.

As usual I ran helter-skelter got all the required CD’s, took my hard disk and got it formatted etc. Upon loading a fresh 98 and XP( Xp takes a good bloody one and a half hour) I was very happy and content of having gotten the better of the virus.

Now I have a folder where I keep the setup of all the frequently required utilities. So I started my brand new virus free XP and tried to install my firewall zone alarm. Loo and behold the bloody question mark virus had duplicated itself as the setup of all my utilities.

Again I began the arduous task of formatting my XP and reinstalling it.

The question mark virus had only changed my setup files but the other exe files were safe.

As a Comp Sci guy in a weird way I do give my hats off to the designer of the virus. I really wonder what that guy could actually accomplish if he would put his mind to good use.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Late Greats :2

I guess i have been justified. Check out this link below. Jimi Hendrix's " All along the watchtower" is ranked no. 2 in the list of the 100 best rock songs of all time.

RIP Hendrix

Monday, January 16, 2006

Late Greats

As I repeatedly listen to the rendition of ”All along the watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix. I realize two things : -

1. I CAN never be bored of listening to this Song. The guitaring in the song is simply phenomenal, as in all Hendrix songs.

2. Now I know why he is still regarded as the GREATEST guitarist the world has ever seen.

Jimi Hendrix was this little African-American kid who, in his early twenties, started his career way back in the early sixties. The most incredible thing about him was that he couldn’t read or write music. Yet in the short decade that spanned his career before his untimely death at the age of 28, he had already accomplished enough and earned enough accolades for his name to be entrenched in history. 28 is a bloody short age to die!!. His name still lives on even today as he is fondly remembered as the founding fathers of what came to be known as “Acid Rock”. Less than a decade and yet he has left an indelible impression.

It pains me to think what this guy could have accomplished had he hung around for a bit more. We really haven’t had enough of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (that’s what his band was called).

Two other personalities whose passing I regret greatly are : - 1. Kurt Cobain

2. Ayrton Senna

The heights that could have been scaled by these individuals had they had their full share of life remains a mystery. It is really impossible for any forecaster to predict this as each of them died whilst at the pinnacle of their success.

But for Jimi Hendrix in the (slightly contorted) words of ACDC “For those who have rocked, we salute you”.

And in the words of Kurt MAYBE “It is better to die than to fade away”

Monday, January 09, 2006

Good Programmers

As part of my BE project I was reading a book titled “Refactoring – Improving the design of existing code” by Martin Fowler et al. This isn’t a technical post about the book.

One of his tips really caught my eye.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

So there it is. What you think of that?

Monday, December 26, 2005


Consider a list of 5 individuals that form your personalized list. This is the list of 5 that you could always treasure, have any kind of THOUGHTS about and nobody could and should blame you for it. In short this is your personal dream team. A list of inamoratas that you would wish to be left stranded on an island with. Or have a dream, candle-lit dinner in Paris with.

Well when my friends asked me to name my list, I started to consider carefully. Upon deliberation I did come up with it so here’s my New Years wish list. If anybody would be generous enough to introduce me to any one of these bevy of beauties then I would be indebted to you for life. I would serve as your man Friday for the remaining years of my life and contented at that.

My Dream Team

(They are in order of preference)

  1. Josie Maran – Maybelline super model…The epitome of perfection …. God what can I say apart from Thank You for making her.
  2. Katrina Kaif – Girl next door, so sweet and innocent (at least appears to be, cant act to save her life though).
  3. Rhona Mitra – Immaculate, love the personality.
  4. Rebecca Romijn – The blonde bombshell.
  5. Maria Sharapova – Princess of Tennis as well as a couple of million hearts too.

Would love to know your list. CIAO.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The difference between men and women….

….Although too many, I would like to shed light on something very interesting I heard a while back that reaffirms the stark difference in mentality. So hear me out.

Consider a girl out for a walk. A guy in a gorgeous Ferrari drives up to her and he stops. He looks at her with longing eyes and says that he thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Mind you here the girl isn’t a beauty pageant winner or any thing she is strictly decent and the guy isn’t exactly debonair but isn’t too bad either. He points to a swank and posh hotel and tells her that he is staying in the Presidential suite. He tells her that he is really attracted to her and would love to take her out for a bit.

Well, in the case of the above scenario. Considering normalcy I would say it is fair to assume that five out of every ten sane girls wouldn’t mind going out with this guy and would actually do so. I am also assuming that in all fairness, the context is a forward society, not some rundown sick atmosphere like the one I have to bear with.

Consider an inverse scenario. Here are the changes:-

A guy is taking a stroll.

A girl drives up to him in a rundown, beat-up ford pick-up (any other car just about to go to the junkyard would also do).

The girl isn’t great looking and the guy is decent.

The girl tells the guy that she is attracted to him.

She points to a not-so-great, dilapidated hotel and tells him she is boarded up there.

Then she asks him out.

Well, the denouement is that nine out of ten guys would say yes. Not only that, but after their done they would go and boast to their friends. Their friends would actually feel envious and a round of hi-fives and “all-rights” would actually ensue.

Here is the difference in mentality. Stark isn’t it. Deprecating but true. Now we know who the puppet master is and who the puppet is.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Presidential Inspection

I dunno who is funnier the guy in the front or the guy at the back with a big grin Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Life isn’t a game. Or is it??

Me:- “Dude, guess what my level is? I just leveled up 4 levels in 2 days. I am now 64/46”.

Friend:- “Arrey forget that, I found slotted boots in the Argiope field”.

Me:- “Sexy!! So are you gonna sell ‘em?”

Friend:- “Nahin yaar my knight needs it”.

Me:- “I saw slotted boots selling for 800k yesterday in Prontera”.

Friend:- “Yeah I know a hunter was willing to give me 600k for them but I need them”.

If that by chance sounded like psychobabble bullshit to you, then you obviously haven’t been introduced to the world of RAGNAROK.

The above or similar would be a mundane conversation I would have with my friends’ everyday back when I was part of this world. Now that I am not, I look back and grimace.

The cyber world of Ragnarok, magical and alluring, is but only a game. It is called an MMORPG( a massively multiplayer online role playing game). For those a bit confused a brief description is due: -

It is a cyber game to which you log on to via the internet. It is based on a manga comic series going by the same name. The basic aim of the game is to play a character in a magical world. A world where you can be anything: -

A bold knight, a feisty magician, a crooked thief, a shrewd merchant; to name a few, and the objective being to grow your character into a good one. The more you play, the more experience you gain, the more your character grows powerful, rich and skillful. There is no end to the game because there are always more items to seek, more monsters to kill and more zeny to make. Zeny – the official online currency of Ragnarok can be used to buy items for your character’s use from other players or the marketplace. I can go on and on about Ragnarok but it should suffice to know that Ragnarok constitutes a very surreal cyberworld where you can basically forget who you are and take on the identity of your character.

Well, people may say it is only a game but I know of a few who might disagree. I myself would have disagreed about 7-8 months back.

The game is highly addictive. I have played the game continuously for 18 hours in day at a cybercafe and yet have yearned for more. Its not so much how long you play the game but how long you spend thinking about it – at least that was the problem I had. Any time I met my fellow ragnarokers, we would inevitably start to talk about roking (that’s what we called it) much to the chagrin of the non-ragnarokers. The 18 hour marathon was achieved in the vacations as we had a couple of free coupons. Any way, once college began I would normally play for about 10-12 hours on the weekdays and had a special 6 hour spree lined up for the weekends. My fellow Ragnarokers and I would go to a cybercafe at 10 pm on Saturday nights and would play till the wee hours of the morning. In fact Ragnarok had devoured me in such a big way that I would spend a lot of time thinking about and researching on the net about what skills I should acquire, what purchases I should make and what stats I should increase.

There came a breaking point- the day the results were going to be out. I had played a lot of Ragnarok and had not done justice to my exams. I decided then and there that I would not play my beloved Ragnarok if I would get a 60 p.c in those results. I went to a temple and swore on its thresholds that I would stop. As melodramatic as it sounds don’t ask me why I did it, I have no clue; but I am glad I did. I managed to scrape through with a 62 p.c and then came the sweet end.

Till date I logon to my account just to see my beloved character – deathstryke was his name. I cant play him because of my oath. I feel like I am playing Russian roulette – challenging myself to stay off and not return to the world that beckons me.

I have seen many like me. Some better some worse, but afflicted nevertheless with an addiction. Yes, that’s what it was, really, it was madness. Just a game nothing more, I feel so dumb to not have realized it. I see many these days, young guys, right from about 13 years young to around 21 hooked on to the game, playing for hours and hours. As ludicrous as it may sound I have heard umpteen tales of people selling their accounts and characters for real money – Indian rupees. Recently heard of a guy who sold an item he found in the game for Rs. 2500.

It’s a wonderfully well made game, no denying it. I loved it with all my heart and soul. But if you don’t know when to stop, then it is best that you get out while you can. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Friends vs Seinfeld

Well exams have engulfed all my time and hence the dereliction of duty towards my blog. I don’t think too many people read it anyway so that’s fine.

I am a huge Friends and Seinfeld fan, so this topic inevitably crossed my mind. Which one is better? No doubt both have their own niche but I would like a discussion nevertheless. I would like to point out that this comparison is purely on a quality of humour and nothing else. A comparison on the basis of popularity would be futile because both belonged to different times.

Friends – huge mass appeal, highly popular (and filthy rich characters), we had people claiming that friends was the only thing that got them through the 9/11 disaster.

Seinfeld – a predecessor from a different era. Very well made characters. Hilariously funny and fundamentally different from friends. People had to undergo therapy to combat depression post-Seinfeld.

Seinfeld is a situational comedy – witty and subtle and friends is a dialogue oriented comedy - goofy, corny, soppy and not as well made. No offense, I love friends but the amount of really STUPID people that claim to be friends’ fans makes me think you don’t have to be a genius to get friends. The comedy is like “Hey I am a joke! I am in-your-face so laugh at me and if you still don’t get it, here’s a laugh track to boot. Seinfeld on the other hand is a wholly different. I am not saying that Seinfeld doesn’t have a laugh track but the humour is subtle, smart and clever- a deadly combo, which reminds me of Frasier and Yes Minister (both works of sheer genius which will have to be discussed some other time). People won’t easily comprehend Seinfeld because it is analytical in a weird kind of way (the stand-up routines at the start are awesome). It analyses weird situations and behavior of people in these situations.

The character sketches of the Seinfeld characters are a work of pure genius. Meanwhile the friends characters are a bit far fetched. Can you imagine a guy as dumb as Joey, a dame as flaky as Pheobe. These guys can never exist in reality. Can you imagine girls swooning on a “How you doin??” in real life? Let me tell you that that is never going to happen. These things are a bit too fantastic for me. The dialogues are funny but the humour is cheesy at best. There are character specific nuances that you tend to laugh at but that is just goofy .If that is your cup of tea – well what can I say, enjoy yourself.

The Seinfeld guys are awesome and each and every one of them is believable. Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander are geniuses. You would love to hate George – he’s that kind of guy. Kramer is a bit silly but not too far fetched. And the way the Seinfeld characters integrate is a hell of a lot better than the friends guys. So you can really relate the Seinfeld characters in real life, unlike friends.

I also feel that Seinfeld’s influence on friends is difficult to notice but there nevertheless. All I am saying is I love both – but one is a passion while the other is to kill time. The friends guys make a million per episode - I have no complaints but I think the Seinfeld guys should make at least a million + 1- which they don’t. At least let them get all the credit they deserve.

Wanna see a SHAVED PUSSY

Hillarious - CHECK OUT A SHAVED PUSSY Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005

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War forecasting and projection

While goofing around on the net I came across this totally radical piece of information. I thought that software was inherently limited. Read on if you suffer from the same disillusion. The Tactical Numerical Deterministic Model (TNDM) is sure to blow you away.

Read this if you think war outcomes cannot be predicted by software:-


Official site of the Dupuy institute.

Couple of stuff I would really love to know: -

  1. What kind of probabilistic algorithms are we talking about here?
  2. Has India ever contemplated a purchase?
  3. Although a bit of a pacifist, I would love to know what could happen at the present time if India and Pakistan were to go to war.

Rock is alive

Just saw this awesome movie “School of rock”. It is about this guy (Jack Black) who is a rebel by nature. He never gives up rock, though there are a lot of scenarios in his personal life that compel him to do so. He eventually ends up as a substitute teacher in a school and forms a band with the school kids. Then he goes on to make it big and yadayadayada.

But there is something that hits home in the movie. He says that rock is about “Sticking it to the man”. He just means that it is rebellious and celebrates an indomitable spirit. The man being a representation for any dominating entity forcing you to do something against your own will. It is about daring to be different.

The “I-rock” concert got canned when it was supposed to be held at the Gateway of India. This led to heavy economic losses for the organizer. But the point is why was it cancelled?

The reason is that rock is rebellious. It rebels against our culture. But it also rebels against all other cultures. Hence it is not appreciated by all. It is like an antithesis or a darker side. Anyone not being a rock fan would have a negative image of it. They would never be able to appreciate it on account of a mental block. On the other hand we can’t seem to get enough of it. For once I disagree with Manson; Rock is not dead it is alive and kicking and it is still “sticking it to the man”.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Bloggers hit back.

There were 2 very specific reasons for my short hiatus from blogging. There was a long gap before this post. The reasons being: -

  1. My broadband got screwed up.
  2. I had to do some thinking about some totally bizarre and accosting mail that was doing the rounds. Some peeved off fella was trying to teach me how to write my own blog.

First off, who the hell has any right to say what I can or cannot depict with my blog. It is, after all a medium of expression. There is no issue of restriction or governance in this regard. There is no protocol or set of guidelines. If there ever is or if there ever will come to be one I shall stand against it and flout it. Who the hell can tell me not to express myself? NO ONE. Back off because you don’t have the right to. There is a little thing called the fundamental right to expression. The blog is MY “Pensieve” it is MY view and MY take on things. I know that others may fail to agree with me and YMMV, but who cares. I sure as hell don’t.

There is no sensationalism or tabloid material intended on my blog and there never will be. It is mundane stuff that happens in my life that I find amusing enough to quote. Boy have people got the wrong idea about blogs. Can I help it if these people are in my life. Surely I didn’t have a say there. That’s the reason that I use aliases to depict the people involved, so that no nth person from some nth domain gets anything from it.

The tenacious mail that is doing the rounds quotes:-

1. Not on a personal note

- How lame is that. If that mail is not on a personal note then I am Santa Claus. Can you be more ludicrous? You just mentioned my blogspot url.

2.  but generally most bloggers are total 
screwups... idiotic,pathetic,buggin,self-centric,hypercritical losers
      -   Dude as much as you would like to initiate me or Mr. Bohemian, we don’t
want to be part of your club. All this stuff is so not “us” and so totally “you”.
Especially the loser part.

Don’t think for one millisecond that I am sorry or apologetic for what I posted on MY blog. MY blog. On the contrary I am livid. You want to malign me because you think I wanted to malign you. That is really not the case. There was no malicious intent. I just wanted an outlet for myself. Any way I no longer give 2 hoots about your bullshit and nor am I going to waste my time trying to talk some sense in you, so go on thinking what you must to satisfy yourself. I am sure Mr. Bohemian would have 1 or 2 choice things to say, but I think his interest in this matter is so insignificant that he isn’t going to waste his time. CIAO and guess what I am not too afraid to say it “This IS on a personal note”.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Don’t judge a book by its cover

This is such a famous adage, yet people seem to forget it altogether. There is this ridiculous stereotype that we engineering students must adhere to, there is no freedom, really, to express or project yourself in the manner you see fit. You have to be this prim and proper, chameli ka tel, formal clothes kinda guy; otherwise you are branded "not serious about studies". Whats wrong with being cool and good in studies. They think this is a rare species that has become extinct.

Why must I cut my hair short?? What logical reasoning could there possibly be. None. It is all about projecting the right image. The image of being someone else, different from the real you. This is a farcical exercise of projections. Who are we kidding, really. I have always wanted to keep long hair. But the incessant badgering of my parents, coupled with the fear of being branded “not here for studying” by any of my profs, has held me back.

Why should I not keep a goatee or a small beard? Mr. DDD (refer to this) says this isn’t the age. Then when is the F***ing age for it. This is college, for Christ sake. This is the time for me to be free, rather than constrained. This is the only time left, before I get governed by some bullshit company policy that will restrain me.

It has come to a point where we have become our projection. I always grow my hair and my beard throughout the semester and then cut it before my orals/practicals because I don’t want to project the wrong first impression.

When will people stop preaching and start practicing “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. And don’t judge me if I have long hair and a beard.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

What makes me stay hooked on to the telly??

Now-a-days there is no dearth of the amount of gorgeous damsels you can catch on the telly. Makes you want to watch them all the time. Let me state that I don’t watch these shows just because these dames are HOT! But they make their respective shows a hell of a lot more interesting.

  1. Terri Hatcher (Susan) and Eva Longoria (Gabriel- HOTHOT)- “Desperate Housewives”- Friday 10:00pm-Star World.
  2. The blond teenage daughter (Bridget) - “8 simple rules to date my teenage daughter”- Thursday 8:30pm- Star World.
  3. Rhona Mitra (Tara) - Oh God you have to see her. She is so immaculate- “The Practice” (It is a terrific show, made better by her)- Wednesday 8:00pm- Star World.
  4. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie – “The Simple Life-2”- Thursday 9:00pm- Star World.

Tell me if you think any others deserve mention on this illustrious list. CIAO.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MS?? Think twice before you leap

Here are some excerpts of a mail I received from a friend of mine. I really cannot stress on how talented and awesome this guy is. He has a top rate brain. And he is a gem of a guy. Any way I have withheld some portions

X- Is his University in the US

ME: - How has X been treating you and how have you been treating it. Hope the workload isn’t too taxing.

Him:- well X is bad. its been 3 weeks since the classes started and i am already dying to get some sleep.....i dont remember when i slept well last time......the workload is just too inhuman.....thats the reason i have not been able to reply you guys for so long......if you guys are planning to apply to X then i would suggest you guys to get used to sleeping 2-3 hours a day....that too in patches.....bathing once in 2-3 days...shaving is a waste of time.......get used to reading 2 books atleast per week .........basically its a living hell......but i must say that the learning curve is just amazing......the courses are very good but intensive......the profs are unquestionably the best in learn the best in world ..................but give up social life and if you apply to X be ready to get bum fucked and night, back and i write this mail i am almost dying for i have not slept since last 5 days!!! :((

So guys think twice. Don’t make a hasty decision. Think of the “Bumfucking” as he puts it. I am not trying to dissuade you. Just better to be prepared than sorry.

X is a top rated institute. You probably wont be so badly “Bumfucked” elsewhere

To all those offended by my blog

Well don’t be offended. To tell you the truth most people have seen my blog because I post on Mr Bohemian’s blog. So I really don’t publicly humiliate anyone if you thought that was my intention. This isn't meant to be a tabloid or a gossip column. In Harry Potter lingo this is my "Pensieve". I am not washing dirty laundry in public.

Remember this you guys are an integral part of my life. I didn’t put you here god did. I write stuff as I see it isn’t meant to be malicious. It is my perspective and not necessarily the way things are. I am not being apologetic because I believe that I can air my thoughts freely, so all I am saying is don’t take offense. CIAO for now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Showdown: Mr DDD vs yours truly

Let start by introducing one of my profs. I shall codename him Dubyaman the documentation don( Mr DDD ) to be precise. I have very little space to truly draw a character sketch of this bloke’s multi-faceted personality. But a couple of points everyone must know before my story can move on.

  1. This guy has a tiff with every other member of the faculty
  2. The guy thinks he is modest, but if ever a picture dictionary needed a photo for immodesty they would have to get his picture.
  3. He is a guy of good heart, because he means well and thinks a lot for the students’ welfare. I don’t doubt his intentions.
  4. He has a larger than life image of himself in his mind. He can’t ever control his imagination. The “lungiwallah” story is a classic example.
  5. He is very popular albeit for not the best reasons. His shenanigans have deservedly got him his own community on Orkut.
  6. The crocodile is his nemesis. He has a personal vendetta against crocs. If left to him he might yank every poor croc out of the river and gun him down mercilessly.

Any way a couple of us guys decided that we would rather forego the lectures considering how taxed we were with project work et al. So we decided to the sagacious thing and go to the class teacher( Mrs CT ), or so we thought. We gestated upon a plan of action, where each of us would raise a relevant point on why we didn’t want to attend any lectures.

So when Mrs CT walked in for her lecture we gently brought up the topic. The unworthy honor of broaching this topic had been bestowed upon me ( I fail to understand on what basis this was done). We told her: -

1. We didn’t want lectures, they should not be mandatory.

2. We have a lot of project work and the lectures eat up a lot of time.

3. If teachers don’t take lectures then we tend to squander away time.

We raised an example of Mr DDD not having come for his lecture on that day, and we having misspent 2 hours. But we made 2 points as clear as daylight.

1. Mr DDD was in no way to be held responsible for our demand for not having lectures.

2. This was “the first time” Mr DDD had not shown up for his lecture.

I demanded that she look at the “Bigger picture” and forget the localized incident.

However Mrs CT chose to listen selectively to our plea.

The next I heard the class representative ( Mr CR ) was being summoned by a totally pissed-off, Mr DDD. It seems Mrs CT had just told him that our division did not want any lectures because he had not shown up for the lecture.

Any way I was made out to be the instigator in this conversation and I now had one mean Mr DDD baying for my blood.

Mr CR approached me and told me to go confront Mr DDD and explain to him what had actually happened as he himself had tried in vain to convince Mr DDD of what actually had happened. I went looking for him, but for 2 days I couldn’t get a private moment with him.

This inevitably led to a face-off in the classroom

The face-off (Cowboys from the Wild-Wild-West style): -

Mr DDD walked into class on time as usual and I was ready for him expecting his outburst. He took a lecture for 50 minutes or so, where he made us write some important stuff, having judiciously kept the last 10 minutes for his piece de resistance. I watched in anticipation as he completed his dictation and waited for the fireworks to begin.

He launched into his first volley where he implicated a group of people for having gone behind his back and spoken to Mrs CT. He accused us of having blamed him without a reason, all the while I was looking for a break in his words so that I might chip in. I then put my hand up. To which he accosted me with being the instigator and that he had heard of my heinous crime. To which I retaliated by saying that, that was not the nature of the conversation had with Mrs CT. He nodded his head in a negative manner and said that I should have said whatever I wanted to, on his face and not behind his back. I said that if I did have a grievance with him I would air it to his face. He continued to yack in his true Mr DDD fashion.

I again tried to reiterate my position to which I was blatantly blamed for being rude. I was asked to lower my voice and told that such behavior would not be tolerated. Mr DDD then tells me that he would pack-up and leave the class if I continue to behave the same way. To this, I nod my head ashamedly, sullenly and apologetically and continue to stare at the floor with a crestfallen expression of dejection and resignation.

Then Mr Bohemian tries to step in to try and get his point across. Mr Bohemian tells him he is misconstruing our point. Let me point out that apart from Mr Bohemian and me, other members of our illustrious and philanthropic group, who spoke out the other day were absent. The other people of the class, witness to the goings-on of the other day, are chicken as is the general characteristic of the rest of the class.

Anyway the sermonizing continued by Mr DDD, till a point where I was done waiting for a break in his words. I once again put my hand up and told him that Mrs CT had conveniently withheld 2 of our points: -

1. We didn’t ever implicate him as the culprit, as it was the very first time that Mr DDD had failed to conduct a lecture.

2. We specifically and categorically stated that this localized incident was not part of our focus.

To this he finally simmered and relented as I had just said what he was longing to hear. He then said that it wasn’t our fault and that we should never have adopted the channel that we just had. He said that he was the like the king that everyone was conspiring to dethrone. He said that the rest of the faculty just wanted an excuse to malign him. It seems this topic had reached the higher authority’s ears and when Mr DDD approached the higher authority(HA) for wanting to conduct extra lectures for the project, the HA ridiculed him by saying that the students don’t want to attend his regulars, what are they going to attend his extras. This obviously had infuriated Mr DDD and he had been on the hunt to get at me ever since.

Any way after the issue had been settled he told me that he didn’t blame me anymore and that we should never adopt this channel ever again. I nodded away as if I understood as I just wanted to get the conversation over with (The lunch time was getting eaten away, you see).

The lesson I learnt was I am not going to try and do anything for any of my chicken shit comrades any more. They are lily-livered and gutless scaredy-cats. Nor am I ever going to have my foot in my mouth, the way I just did. Stay away from stupid college politics man. Guess who’s going to get an earful when I pass out.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Please re-comment

Hi Guys,

Just included haloscan on the blog .So all the previous comments have been deleted.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Unjust Accusations: The supposed horny guys club.

Let me say that there exists a group of people, in Vit, who observe and admire the opposite sex with the zeal of a connoisseur. For this we are branded as the “horny guys club”.

This is the price we pay for being open about it and might I say, enthusiastic and observant. Well to all those hypocritical chastity belt wearers I have one answer go get a life man. We got the balls and you don’t. We are the champions. We are the reason a girl gets up in the morning and feels good about herself. It is because of us that a girl spends an hour getting decked up.

Without us life would be drab and you guys would never be able to behold the beautiful sights that you do now, in silence.

Wait till we come up with one hell of a rocking name for your sorry ass club.

PS:- Gimme some good ideas guys

Bongy Boy and the CCD episode

I want to describe this encounter my friend Mr Bong and Mr Ag( Almost gay –refer to 2nd blog ) had at Café Coffee Day. Please help me make head or tail of it.

Mr Bong wrongly projects an image of being a very simple and sober person.

He is, in fact, the total antithesis of his projected image. He is, as my friend Mr Bohemian might put it, a Machiavellian blighter of the greatest order. He is always on the prowl for dames who may be unwary of him.

Well about 3 days back he was once again on the prowl for some lissome but prudish lass. Mr Ag and he were at CCD( The one inside Music World in camp) trying to chill out and have a coffee, or so Mr Ag thought. But Mr Bong was up to his old salacious antics.

In walked a lady (Madam Mystery Woman). She wass this decent looking female(estimated to be around 22-24) wearing a pink Salwar Kameez. Even though it was raining, she is unusually wet as if she had walked 2 kms in the rain. Any way this damsel walks up to the guy at the counter and retrieves 2 bags( One is a Pune central bag and the other I cant recall). Then she takes a vacant table not too far away from our 2 heroes. Both parties exchange a couple of glances. Then the girl (whose name I later came to know was Seema) walks up to our gentlemen and the following conversation ensues. The conversation is held in hindi.

Seema:- (To Mr Ag ) “Excuse Me! But could you tell me the way to Koregaon Park”.

Mr Ag:- “Yeah sure”. Then he explains her which way to go.

Then the lady thanks our philanthropic friend and reassumes her seat at her table. Our 2 heroes continue their conversation, but unknown to Mr Ag, Mr Bong is upto no good. He continues to stare and exchange smiles with our mystery woman. Then:-

Mr Bong:- ( To Mr Ag ) “Dude!! Do you think you can go back home in a rickshaw??”( Mr Ag was riding pillion behind Mr Bong).

Mr Ag:- ( A little taken aback ) “Yeah sure. But what are your intentions??”

Mr Bong slips him a 50 buck note for the bill and says “Get out of here”.

Mr Bong gets up to go to our CCD babe while Mr Ag gets out of CCD. Mr Ag is laughing hysterically at Mr Bong’s antics; seeing this a rickshaw wallah standing outside confronts Mr Ag. Mind you, this is the same rickshaw wallah that had got our CCD damsel to CCD, from wherever. This guy has been waiting outside for our dame as he has been instructed to do so by our lady. Hence Mr Ag couldn’t take the same rick.

Mr Rickshaw wallah:- “Why are you laughing so much?? What’s the joke??

Mr Ag: - “The joke is on me, my friend is trying to woo a girl in there and now I shall have to go home in a rickshaw”.

Mr rickshaw wallah: - “Which girl?? The one in the pink Salwar??”.

Mr Ag: - “YEss!! How did you guess??”.

Mr rickshaw wallah: - “What rate did she tell you??”

Mr Ag:- ( a little taken aback ) “Hey! yeah you could be right” . “I never thought about it that way”.

Then Mr Ag catches the next available rickshaw and heads home.

In the meanwhile here’s the conversation between Mr Bong and Madam Seema.

Mr Bong:- “Excuse me!! Hi”. “I was wondering if I can speak with you”.

Madam Seema:- “Yes??”.

Mr Bong: - “Can I sit here with you and have a cup of coffee??”.

Madam Seema: - “Why do you want to sit with me??”.

Mr Bong: - “Why do you think I want to sit with you??”.

Then there ensues a 10 minute conversation in which Mr Bong is successful in gathering certain mundane information about her.

Then Mr Bong gives her his phone number and offers to drop her to Koregaon Park. To which she declines as she has a rickshaw waiting. Then they part each others company and Mr Bong comes back home.

Afterward Mr Bong gets a couple of calls from Madam CCD in which she accuses Mr Ag of talking in a derogatory way about her to the rickshaw wallah. She tells Mr Bong that she will never speak with him again and hangs up the phone. Mr Bong tries to call her but finds out that she was calling from a PCO. He has not heard from her since.

Any way a couple of obvious questions.

1 .She was completely wet. How was that when she had just come in a rick??.

2.She had some splashes of muddy slush on her back. How did that happen if she was in a rick??

3.Was the rickshaw guy right about her being of dubious character??

4.If he was why did she not call Mr Bong up and try to arrange something??

5.Again, if the rickshaw guy was right, why did she not drop a hint about what she wanted??

6.Why did she wait in the coffee shop with the rick waiting outside and the meter running??

Venture any guesses, anyone??

PS : - According to Mr Bong he might have hit the jackpot had Mr Ag not had the conversation with the rickshaw wallah.

This has prompted me to try my luck at a CCD.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The birth and demise of the Anti-bitches Club.

Well, the ABC was formed by yours truly some 2 years back. It wasn’t a club really, as much as it was an ideology. Refer to my first post. So this was an ideology that opposed the psychological oppression faced by the sex that is in majority in a closed society( VIT to be precise ).

Well, as the fairer sex was a minority in Vit and as a faction of the fairer sex had begun its metamorphosis into mean-hearted b****** the club was aptly named A B C.

Yours truly and Mr. Boh (He was introduced in the previous post) were its only 2 vocal members as ours was a secret society. Though i now think that Mr Boh was a spy from their side.

I couldn’t really rely on Mr Boh as he was, figuratively, sleeping with the enemy.

And the other guys really couldn’t be counted on to be at the helm of such a prestigious collaboration.

So it was, sadly, decided that the A B C should be kept under wraps, until a more able Captain is found for it. Since I have decided to bury the hatchet with Miss X( I had no choice in the matter … Was really ironical ) and am doing my project with her, I no longer fulfill the necessary requirements of the leader. The remnants of the feelings so inspired by the A B C still create an uncomfortable situation but guess I’ll have to live with it.

The search is on for the next Leader. Any takers?????

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Can there be a greater Modus Vivendi.

Consider this, what would a normal individual feel about another who is vying for the attention of the person, who he/she himself/herself is smitten by. Hate, Contempt, despise would be mild words. I figure this person, in his besotted rage, would be looking for the first opportunity he/she would find to demean his/her nemesis.

However, there one such quirky scenario that defies all bounds of logic and reasoning.

Any resemblance with a person living or dead is purely deliberate and intended.

Let me introduce the characters in this melodramatic skit:-

1. Mr Boh ( Butt – On – head ) :- Why does this guy tonsure his head so often?? There should be a law against mooning.

2. Mr Ag ( Almost Gay ) :- Well… I needn’t say more.
Everybody thinks he is gay, but at the risk of being branded ludicrous, I say that he is almost gay but not entirely. Well just how much he is infatuated by Miss Jack is testimony to my statement.

Both Mr Ag and Mr Boh have the same inamorata in Miss Jack but they aren’t baying for each others blood as they should be.

3. Miss Jack :- Explicit enough.

Although the scenario is a lot more complex with a lot of contenders, I shall attempt to simplify it. However the tale can never be complete without the mention of: -

4. Mr Do-Die-Do ( A literal translation is in order ).

At the present moment, Mr Do-Die-Do has lady luck by his side, this has jeopardized the intent of Mr Ag and Mr Boh. So unlike any other two normal people in their shoes they seek solace and comfort in each other, although branding these two wankers as normal would be fatuous. No prizes for guessing what the topic of their discussion is when they go out for some drinks. They pacify each other when the mood becomes morose, which happens often, what with Mr Do-Die-Do being ahead in the race. I figure they feel they are more competitive when they are a team.

So this A-team defies all odds and surges ahead in its bid to secure a podium finish. Although the competition is well ahead they can hopefully play catch-up. Good luck and god speed to them. May the force be with them.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Gender Games: Here’s why the social life in VIT (Vishwakarma institute of technology) sucks

Having come to VIT from a healthy social environment, I suppose, I had a different expectation of how social circuits usually work.

For my first few weeks in VIT, I was tentative about what to expect but in a couple of months I had realized the following:-
I had just stepped through a time warp that put me back by a deficit of at least 10 years. The concept of asking out a girl was as alien in this environment as E.T himself. Everyone had to go through the process of feigning friendship before trying to make a play at anyone.

The fairer sex had just become the stronger sex calling all the shots with a select few women wielding the power Caesar himself would be proud of.

Let me elaborate, consider this, VIT has about 3% of its female population that us guys may term decent in looks and persona. With the entire male population of VIT vying for their attention, it isn’t a surprise that these lucky damsels are on cloud number 9. Each member of this select group (especially the more pulchritudinous ones) has developed such a long line of admirers that each has developed an ego the size of Mount Everest. Trying to warm up to any of these women means you have to go through this line of gentlemen who would do anything to keep you away from their inamorata, even if you are just trying to be a friend because in VIT, friendship is construed to be the first step to get in contention for the big prize i.e. being with one of these ladies.
Each of these lissome lasses is constantly hounded by our gentlemen. They have a very easy life indeed. For any donkey work required to be done, our gentlemen gladly take place of the donkey. So it really isn’t surprising that most of them have turned into mean hearted bitches (pardon the strong language here, but it just reflects how strongly feel about this bullshit).
In fact this is a pretty obvious transformation that was waiting to happen. For reference let me state the example of a distinguished college for media studies in Mumbai, with 30-70 percent ratio, with the men being a minority. Paradise on earth I would say, and that is what it exactly is, for us men.
So it is as clear as statistics really, minority wins here in this gender game, and it always will.
What I find difficult to realize is why the majority have to be such daft pricks? They should know that the oasis seldom exists; it is almost always an illusion. The bitches club would never want to give up its hold. The moment a bitch is booked the rest of the people standing in line disperse. This is obviously detrimental to their intent. So the majority always looses. It is time the majority sat up and smells the cooking. They have just been had.